Download KineMaster Prime Apk (No Watermark) 2022

Do you want to edit videos on your android phone? If yes, then you first need to download and install KineMaster Prime APK. It is one of the best video editing apps on the market. KineMaster Mod App allows you to merge videos, add effects, add music, and much more and This KineMaster Prime APK do this jobs too.

The KineMaster Prime app is the perfect solution for people who want to edit videos on their phones without having complicated app.

Download latest version of kinemaster prime apk
KineMaster Prime APK in 2022

You don’t need a high specs android device to run this KineMaster Prime APK. You can install and run smoothly on any android device with no problem.

This is one of the best video editing App. Many users have enjoyed using this even on their low spec devices as well. You can enjoy the KineMaster Prime APK for free on your android device.

Features of KineMaster Prime Video Editor

The KineMaster Prime app has many amazing features. Some of them are:


There are 1000+ effects for you to choose from. The effects can be added easily by selecting and dragging the required effect onto the video.

Asset Store

There is also a huge asset store for you to download and use as many video effects, transitions, and text as you wish.


You can also add customized transitions. This makes the video more beautiful and attractive.

Add Music

Use the music which you like. The music can be added easily from your device’s local storage.

Share Your Video

You can share your edited videos with friends and family. The videos are saved and stored on your android device. However, you can easily share the videos on social media or via email to someone else as well.

Multi-Layers Editing

In addition to the one layer editing, you can also add multiple layers to your video.

Chroma Key

The chroma key is an amazing tool used when you want to add a background to your videos also known as the green screen background.

Adjust Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, and Volume

You can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and volume of your video as well.

Slideshow Maker

Sometimes you may just want to select a few photos from your gallery and create a slideshow for them. This can be done with ease using KineMaster Prime APK.

Low-end Android Devices

You can use the KineMaster Prime APK video editor on your low-end Android devices. It will work perfectly and smoothly.

User Interface

Beginner users will love this app as the user interface is very simple to use and user-friendly.

How To Install KineMaster Prime APK

For better features, you will need to download and install KineMaster Prime APK. It is one of the best video editing app on the market. The following are the steps to install this app:

Step 1: First, make sure that you have downloaded KineMaster Prime APK. If not, then you need to download it first.

Step 2: After downloading, you will find KineMaster Prime APK in your download folder. Open the folder and install it just like other android apps.

Step3: Once you have installed KineMaster Prime APK on your device, run the app and enjoy using it.

Note: Make sure to enable “Unknown Sources”. If not, then you can enable it from the setting-> security setting.

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KineMaster Prime APK is the best video editing app available on the market. It is free to download and use. So, if you have been searching for a good video editing app, then you should try this one out. Download KineMaster Prime latest version from the above download button. You will surely enjoy using it.

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