How To Fix KineMaster Exporting Error

KineMaster is a top-rated video editing app for android & iOS devices. It allows you to edit videos with ease. You can add effects like filters, overlays, transitions, audio tracks, etc. to make your own customized video.

Fix KineMaster Exporting Error

A few days ago some android users have reported that they were unable to export their projects after making changes. They got this error: “An error occurred while exporting” when trying to save their projects. The following methods will help you to fix this problem on android devices.

Reboot The Device

First of all, try rebooting the device and see if it helps. Most probably, the issue has been fixed by itself once you reboot the device. If not then follow the next method.

Update or Downgrade The App

Maybe you are using an older version of KineMaster but there might be an update available in the Play Store or AppleStore. So if there is an update please Update the app and check if the problem still persists.

But sometimes new updates can’t solve the issue if you are using an older phone or tablet. Because of compatibility. In such cases, you need to downgrade the app.

Here’s how to do it. Go to the download page and find an older version of the app. Install it on your device and check whether the problem still exists. If yes, then go ahead and install the latest version and try another method to fix this error.

Clear Background Running Apps

If none of these methods work, then you may need to clear the background running apps. This can happen because of memory issues.

Now restart the device and check if the problem is resolved.

Export Video in Lower Resolution

Sometimes your smartphone doesn’t support higher resolutions export, as a result, it won’t allow you to export it. And you get the same error as mentioned above. But before giving up just open the exported file in any other application and lower its resolution. Then try exporting again. This time it should work fine.

Note: Make sure you don’t change the aspect ratio of the video.

Force Stop Kinemaster App and Restart

If you are still facing this error, then you have to force stop Kinemaster and restart it. Now exit from the app and start it again. Try to export the project now.

There are two ways to force stop KineMaster app. The first one is tap and holds a few seconds KineMaster app icon until the app starts responding. Then you will see the list of options, tap App Info from there and force stop.

The second one is go to the Setting -> Application and find KineMaster app. Tap on it then force stop the app.

Clear Kinemaster App Cached on Android

You can also clear Kinemaster cached files so that it won’t block you from exporting your projects. Follow these steps to clear Kinemaster cache on Android.

  1. Go to the setting.
  2. Go to the Application.
  3. Then find a KineMaster app.
  4. Tap on it.
  5. Then tap internal storage.
  6. Finally, you can see Clear Data and Clear Cache options. Tap both of them.

Special Method

If the above methods didn’t work for you, then you can use special methods to fix this error. This method has worked for many people who faced similar problems with Kinemaster.

Step 1: Install KineMaster Mod APK App on your android device from here. This KineMaster Mod APK is free and safe to use and you can access all premium features for free.

Step 2: Launch the app and go to the setting.

Step 3: Tap “Advanced & Experimental Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Then you will be able to see a warning message, Tap continues anyway.

Step 5: After that, You have to turn on these two options. The first one is Unlimited Video Layer Mode and Second One is Allow Export Frame Rates Higher Than 30FPS.

Step 6: Restart the device.

That is it. Your Kinemaster will now work without any issues.

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