Kinemaster Green APK Full Unlocked

Kinemaster Green APK is a modified version of the Kinemaster app, a renowned app that stands out in mobile video editing. The Kinemaster app is famous for its extensive and advanced editing tools. Kinemaster’s original app offers free and premium models, with all advanced tools available after subscription. However, Kinemaster Green APK cracked all the restrictions by providing access to premium features like transitions, effects, stickers, and many more, all free of charge.

Kinemaster Green APK

Let’s discuss the features, editing capabilities, and reasons for the Kinemaster Green app’s popularity among creators and editors.

What is Kinemaster Green APK?

Kinemaster Green APK is a cracked version of the original Kinemaster app. Its green interface distinguishes it from the Kinemaster gold apk and black apk. Unlike the Kinemaster app, it gives access to all premium editing features without a paid subscription. Kinemaster Green APK provides the same functionality as the Kinemaster premium version for free.

Features of Kinemaster Green APK:

Kinemaster mod apk is crafted to provide users with access to premium features. Kinemaster Green APK provides many advanced tools and features to create and edit captivating content. Here are some specific features:

Free to Use: 

Kinemaster Green APK offers free premium features, like advanced transitions and effects, various images, sounds, and templates. Additionally, Kinemaster Green APK exports videos without watermarks, and no ads are displayed while editing. All these features are unlocked in the paid version of the Kinemaster official app. Using Kinemaster Green APK, you can enjoy potential savings instead of purchasing a subscription for the premium version.

Speed Control: 

Kinemaster Green APK’s speed control option allows users to handle the speed of their videos. It offers users different speed control options, like slowing down and speeding up the video. Users can adjust the video’s speed for precise editing to achieve desired results.

User Interface: 

Kinemaster Green APK has an intuitive interface, making it easy to access and apply all editing features and tools. If you’re a beginner or expert video editor, you can easily use editing tools to enhance your videos.

Text Styles: 

Kinemaster Green APK offers many text styling options. It allows users to express their creativity and communicate effectively. From elegant fonts and vibrant colors to dynamic animations, all are available. Users can effortlessly customize text elements to match the tone and theme of their videos.

Add Sound: 

Kinemaster Green APK simplifies incorporating audio into video projects. It provides a library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and voiceovers, so users can easily find perfect sounds for their videos. Kinemaster Green APK helps set background music and insert sound effects and voiceovers to enhance the auditory experience.

Transitions and Effects: 

Green APK provides a modern and trendy library of transitions and effects. With easy-to-use tools and customizable transitions, users can create polished, engaging content that attracts the audience.

Reverse Video Option: 

Kinemaster Green APK allows you to twist videos easily by reversing playback. Whether for artistic, comedic, or storytelling visuals, the reverse video feature enables users to easily transform their footage and create fascinating video content.

Sharing Videos: 

Kinemaster Green apk allows the sharing of edited content on different platforms to enhance accessibility and audience reach. Users can share their edited videos with just a few clicks on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram for broader audience engagement.


Kinemaster Green APK provides pre-designed themes to make videos more stylish. These themes come with different modes, aesthetics, and styles, so users can use them according to their editing preference to create professional, sparkling, or trending content.

Built-in Camera: 

Kinemaster Green APK makes the video creation process trouble-free by providing a camera within the app. Whether you want immediate photos, recording, or pre-planned shoots, this camera offers flexibility and ease of use. Kinemaster Green APK’s built-in camera empowers users to capture high-quality images and embed them into videos without interruption.

Editing Tools: 

Kinemaster Green APK provides all the premium effects and features to craft professional, high-quality videos. It offers basic features like cropping and trimming and advanced features like color correcting, audio adjustment, and layering effects, all completely free to achieve the desired vision.

4K Exports Resolution: 

Kinemaster Green APK lets you export your videos in 4K resolution, ensuring exceptional quality and clarity.

No Watermark: 

Kinemaster Green APK allows users to create and edit videos without the distraction of a watermark, giving a clean and professional content presentation. Users can share content without unnecessary branding, and let you add your watermarks for brand popularity.

Chroma Key: 

Kinemaster Green APK chroma key or green screen feature allows users to remove the background from the video and replace it with a customized image. 

No Ads: 

Kinemaster Green mod APK allows users to edit their videos without the distraction of unwanted ads. It prioritizes users’ editing experience by providing an ad-free environment. This ensures that users can thoroughly saturate themselves in their projects, maintain their focus, and achieve their editing goals efficiently.

Selection of Aspect Ratio: 

Kinemaster Green mod APK allows users to select the aspect ratio based on their platform requirements. Whether creating content for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or other platforms, Kinemaster offers a range of aspect ratios to ensure perfect presentation and compatibility.

Asset Store: 

Kinemaster Green APK offers a rich asset store that contains various transitions, effects, stickers, and more to boost the editing process. Its asset store provides all the premium tools required to unlock creativity.

Edits Preview: 

Kinemaster Green mod APK offers a real-time preview of edited videos so users can review and refine their work before finalizing it. The real-time preview feature enhances efficiency and workflow to achieve precise and desired outcomes.

Device Compatibility: 

Kinemaster Green APK is compatible with Android and iOS devices, specifying supported versions. It requires minimum hardware specifications like RAM and processor speed. The screen is optimized for various sizes and resolutions. It works on both smartphones and tablets, supporting third-party accessories.

Format Supported:

Kinemaster Green APK boasts extensive format support, accommodating a variety of video, audio, and image formats to meet editing needs. Importing videos in popular formats like MOV, MP4, and AVI is easy, ensuring compatibility with different media sources. Similarly, the app integrates audio elements and supports formats like MP3, WAV, and AAC. Furthermore, users can enhance their visuals by importing JPEG, PNG, and GIF images without compromising resolution or transparency.

How do you download Kinemaster mod Green APK for free?

Downloading and installing Kinemaster Green mod APK is a simple and easy process. Follow these steps to download the Kinemaster Green mod APK on your device.

  • Before downloading this APK, allow your device to download files from this website.
  • Click on the download button on this website.
  • Wait for a while. It will take some time to download.
  • After downloading, click on the install button.
  • You can enjoy editing on Kinemaster Green mod APK now.


Is Kinemaster Green mod APK free to use?

Yes, Kinemaster Green mod APK is free to use and gives access to all premium features.

Is Kinemaster Green APK safe to download?

Yes, Kinemaster Green APK is safe to download, but always from a trusted source.

Can I use Kinemaster Green APK on PC?

You can use Kinemaster Green mod APK on a PC or laptop, but it requires an Android emulator to download on a PC.


In conclusion, Kinemaster Green mod APK is a valuable alternative to the Kinemaster official app, providing free editing tools. With its intuitive interface and outstanding editing capabilities, Kinemaster Green APK is an excellent choice for creators looking for professional-quality editing without additional costs.

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